Monday, October 6, 2008


Hello and Welcome to our very first ever of life food blog!

(Derek) Annie and I have a tremendous amount of fun both cooking together as well as for each other in the tiny kitchen of our apartment. She's a much better cook than I am but she puts on a big smile when she eats my "masterpieces."

(Annie) To give you a bit of perspective, our kitchen has approx. 4 feet by 4 feet floor space, and Derek can reach everything in the kitchen standing still. We are two 4th year university students with part-time jobs but empty wallets, trying to make our food as enjoyable as possible without going bankrupt.

The inspiration to make this blog came from a friend of mine, who has mastered the art of cooking and have taught me many things through her own blog. Thank you oodles Bakergirl. The drive to start really cooking also came from my beautiful mom, who is an absolute master chef (& my wonderful dad, who is a master eating machine); and from Derek's lovely parents, who from far far away, sent us a huge selection of herbs and spices for our kitchen. You guys are amazing, we love you.

(A & D) We hope that this chronicle of our forays into the wide world of culinary artistry (if you can call our cooking that) will both inspire and assist you in your kitchens, regardless of size. If you happened to have stumbled across our blog and have any creative suggestions to add to our blog, please feel free to leave your mark behind by putting your words of wisdom in the comment sections. We greatly appreciate any feedback.

(Derek) In the words of my hero Red Green: "Keep you stick on the ice."

Annie and Derek

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